Monday, March 20, 2006

What in the World is Going On?

When I sat down last July (it was about 95 degrees and 95% humidity) and told my kids we were moving to Ohio; they were sad. Then I told them about the snow; they were happy!

My then four year old had never seen snow that she could remember, and my then six year old could remember only a 1" snow fall a few years back. I explained that we were moving to a land where it snowed all winter. I described how the snow would pile up in drifts. We dreamed about snow angels, and sledding, and snow men. Obviously, God was in this move (from their perspective).

We moved here, and except for one brief snow in the late fall, NOTHING! The girls have their sleds, their snow man hat, even a corn-cob-pipe... but no snow... warmest winter in fifty years...

Now it's spring. We're finally over the no-snow-blues. I built the girls a swing set last weekend. We/they are ready for the warmth of the sun. And now what? The weather man is saying we will get six inches of snow tomorrow!

I'm sure there is a sermon in this somewhere, but nothing is coming to me. So, if you get bored tomorrow, come to my house. We will be taking out all of the snow toys our warm-weathered-family sent the kids for Christmas, and we are going to finally celebrate Winter, in the Spring!

Pastor Noel Dear