Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Making an Impact Around the World

How would you like to partner with a group of believers in another part of the world and help them lead their city to Christ?

What if God gave us an area where we could plant ourselves for the next ten years or longer? Where we could regularly send mission teams; build relationships with local missionaries and local Christians; support a local pastor and church; learn the culture and maybe even a little of the language; and make an eternal impact on people we would otherwise never know? What if we could involve our children either from here making things or from there sharing with people? What if our youth could catch a vision for how God could really use them? What if God used our partnership to call some of our young people to the mission field on a permanent basis? What if we really learned to pray for missions because we had such close ties to the missions efforts through our partnership? What if we could see how God could use our church to be a blessing to a church struggling to reach lost people in an 'unchristian' culture?

What if?

Pray for me and our pastoral staff as we wrestle with some of those questions this week and next. I believe God may be about to lead us to something that will change us and our families for ever. May God's will be done.

Pastor Noel