Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's A Wrap

Well, it's after 9:00, time to go home.

I just had supper with a couple of our new members. God is really bringing us some key people to help us move forward!

We had a pretty good day today...

Two adults made professions of faith in the morning service, one teen came to share that she had made a profession of faith this past week, and we saw three people baptized.

This morning in worship we focused a little closer on the upcoming change in our Sunday School. This coming Sunday we will lay it all on the table. To be honest, I'm a little nervous because nobody is complaining about the changes. I've met with all of the current teachers; I've shared with leadership; we've begun to talk about the focus and the details in our worship services, and so far as I know everyone's on board! What a joy it is to have such unity. I earnestly ask you to pray this week for the next step. Pray that I will make wise decisions as we proceed. Pray that God will continue to guard the unity of our church as we make such bold changes. Pray that God will be honored and people will be reached through our efforts.

This week will be fairly busy. We're getting set for the Easter publicity, setting up a new church database system, working out the last details of our new small group strategy, and going over new directions for our Children's ministry. We will also be finalizing the details of our Discipleship Ladder - Class 3, and hopefully making some progress on our international missions partnership.

I'll try to keep you posted on our progress as the week goes by.

Pastor Noel Dear