Thursday, March 9, 2006

Proud of My Church

In a part of the country where I'm told, 'no one will go to a revival,' and a day when it has been pointed out to me, 'no unchurched people could be persuaded to attend,' we had a great revival. We had very good crowds in each of the five services, even Monday when it was snowing with freezing rain, and we all had to scrape the ice off our windows to get home. In every service we had many people present who do not ordinarily attend church anywhere. We had people saved every day! (I'll get the counseling cards from last night later this morning when the staff arrives, but we had over ten adults make professions of faith in the last service.)

I am so proud of my people. Again, your commitment, hard work, and faithfulness has exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at our attendance in every service. It thrilled my heart to be able to meet so many of your family, friends, and neighbors, who do not often attend church. I asked you to be a blessing to Pastor Danny in the love offering and you came through. Dr. Lanier was speechless when he left. You have truly been a blessing to him and to his family, and God will honor that in our church in the days to come. Well done, church!

Pray for our upcoming Sunday services. Pray that all those who have made professions of faith this past week will be able to be baptized this Sunday morning.

On another note, we have had two deaths associated with our church since I last blogged. Chuck Cameron's mother passed away on Monday evening, and Cheryl Sweitzer's dad passed away on Tuesday morning. Keep those families in your prayers.

Pastor Noel