Thursday, March 30, 2006

Da Vinci Code

Last night in our Adult Bible Study we studied the last dozen verses in Luke 1. One of the truths we saw emphasized in the Benedictus was the relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist. We talked about Leonardo DaVinci's painting, "The Virgin of the Rock," and how that painting depicts a different relationship between these two. We then discussed the book and upcoming movie, Da Vinci Code, and how the upcoming movie may cloud people's minds when it comes to the truth of Scripture and the nature of Christ.

Here is the question I posed to the Wednesday night crowd: Should we ignore the movie in an attempt not to draw any added attention to it or appear to be encouraging people to see it? Or should we offer seminars and Q&A sessions for people in the community to address the book/movie's historical lies? We would love to use this as a witnessing tool, but we do not want to become part of Hollywood's publicity campaign and we certainly don't want people to go see the movie because of our encouragement.

What do you think? We had a pretty lively discussion last night. Post your comment here. I must make a decision prior to Easter so we will have time to do publicity (and I will have time to study).

Pastor Noel Dear