Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pastor Fredrick Update III

I received an email a little after midnight last night that said pastor Fredrick had surgery at 10:00 pm Kenya time and is doing well. It didn't give any further details. I'm guessing that is good news.

Pastor Noel

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pastor Fredrick Update II

There has been a lot of confusion today about Pastor Fredrick's situation. He waited all day and they were unable to operate. It isn't clear why. Continue to pray...

Pastor Noel

Pastor Fredrick Update

Here is an email I received early this morning from our team on the ground in Kenya...

Pastor Fredrick is in surgery for appendix @ Kalifi Hop. @ 8 AM this morning. He was taken to Kalifi (was taken to Mombasa first for a good ct scan, then they sent him to Kalifi) the trip to Mombasa started between 10 and 11 pm last night, it was late before they got to Kalifi Hospital.
Mombasa is about one and half hours from here and Kalifi is 45 minutes from here. Mwatete said he will be in the hospital for five days. We will send updates.

Thank you for your prayers.
Your in Christ
John, Sandy, Lisa, and Greg