Friday, May 21, 2010

Why We Aren't A Liberal Church

I made a last minute decision yesterday to change the focus of our upcoming Sunday night series. I still want to do what we had planned, but at a later time. Now we are going to spend the next three weeks focusing on who we are as a church and why we are that way.

The three message titles will be...

-- Why We Aren't A Liberal Church
-- Why We Aren't An Emerging Church
-- Why We Aren't A Liturgical Church

The point of this study is not to bash other churches but to help our church understand who we are and why. Churches across the country and in our area are changing. Some of those changes are good and have a biblical basis. Some of those changes are very bad and have no biblical basis. All kinds of activities, lifestyles, and beliefs are endorsed by churches and are said to be sanctioned by the Lord when Scripture clearly contradicts those claims.

The church is defined by God's Word.

I want us to look into Scripture and learn what the church should look like. I want us to know some of the errors of direction churches make and how they make them.

This first week we will answer the question: Why aren't we a liberal church? We will learn what is meant by the phrase 'liberal church'. We will look at some examples of practices and beliefs. We will learn how churches get to that place. And of course we will study the biblical model that speaks to this error.

I think this will be a profitable study. I hope you will join us.

Pastor Noel