Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AWANA Awards Night

Tonight at 6:00 we will host our seventeenth AWANA Awards Night. This is an important night for a number of reasons...

-- It gives us a chance to honor a whole bunch of kids, many of whom have done a remarkable job learning Bible verses in this last year.

-- It gives us a chance to meet and thank the parents who have supported their kids in a this endeavor this year.

-- It gives us a chance to say thanks for the dozens and dozens of AWANA workers who have faithfully served week by week.

-- It serves as a reminder that our church does not exist just to make those of us who have been around a while feel comfortable. No! We exist to reach children, and youth, and unreached families in our community. That is the best way we can please the Lord and show His love. May our church never loose sight of our purpose!

If you're free, join us tonight at 6:00... It will be a good night.

Pastor Noel

Location:AWANA Awards Night