Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What To Do If Someone Hurts You

Has someone ever hurt you? Maybe it was someone in your family... Maybe a close friend... A coworker...

Often people carry that hurt around for years or even decades, and then worse than that when a hurt person gets a chance for revenge, some pretty negative things can happen. The result is more hurt, more broken relationships, bitterness, anger, and on and on.

I've spent the day studying part of the life of Joseph found in Genesis 40-45. In this passage we learn what to do if someone hurts us. We learn how to take a bad situation and make something redeeming out of it.

This is something we all need to learn. We will be focusing on this Sunday morning in our 10:45 worship service. I hope you will join us.

I usually study from my home study on Wednesdays, but I'm heading in to the church now for a meeting and for tonight's New Member Class. I'm liking forward to meeting new people the Lord is adding to our church family.

Pastor Noel