Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One Good Year

I'm praying especially for Scott and Heather Parry this morning. They are flying to Dallas today to spend a week at a Fellowship One conference. It should be a beneficial conference. Fellowship One is the software we use to manage church information, track prospects and prospect assignments, facilitate Connect ministry, and some online registrations. It is also the software that will manage our preschool security check-in when the new preschool facility is open.

But the reason I'm praying for Scott and Heather this morning is not just the trip to Dallas. This Sunday will mark Scott's one ear anniversary of serving as our church administrator. Most of scott's work takes place behind the scenes, but his contribution is invaluable to what we do as a church. Two of our recent successes, the amazing results of the Securing Future Disciples financial campaign and this past Sunday's Mother's Day outreach would not have happened without Scott's help.

So join me in praying for this family. Thank the Lord that both of them and their family are such a blessing to our church.

Pastor Noel