Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day of Meetings and More

Tuesdays are mostly meeting days. Things went well. Pastor Shawn tells me we have 256 adults signed up for adult Connect Groups for the Summer semester. That is good. We will likely have a few more sign up this week and a number of people will just show up for a group this next week and we will sign them up then. So this should be another good semester.

Think through people you know that could still be invited to the group you are going to attend. Give them a call this week. I think I'm going to invite the guy who has been working on my car lately and also our church architect. I don't know if either has a church but it can't hurt to ask.

Well, today is also the day I take a kid to dance practice, so I'm sitting outside the dance studio watching people fight over parking places in the rain. Fun, fun...

Pastor Noel