Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Last Ukraine Update from the Field

Email from Pastor Jeff...

We had a couple of good visits yesterday with some folks in Gorlovka. It is about 40 miles from Donetsk. The church there is starting bible studies in the around the area. There is one man, Valery, who is just a lay leader in the church who is doing all of this outreach. The first home we met in was Lillians. She is a believer and member of the church, but her husband is not. Alexander is his name. Alexander is retired from the coal mines and has had a very rough life. He is very close to accepting Christ. We spent about 2 hours at their home yesterday. Their son, Igor, is 15 and is in 10th grade. Alexander was very open to our visit and sharing of the gospel. After we left, Lillian told us that she thought he would get saved if she had not been there. He said he believes all of the things we were saying, but he thinks he must clean his life up first, then come to Jesus. I shared about how a coal miner is dirty on the outside and how we can wash that, but Jesus wants to clean the inside first. Both Steve and Hui Cha shared their testimonies and the power of the Holy Spirit indeed worked through them. Then Lillian asked me to preach for them. What do you say? No I can't preach here. Absolutely not, so I shared from John 14:1-6. We went prayer walking through the market and village area. There were bars, apartment buildings, a hospital, many, many people. We were supposed to lead a bible study at Valentina's home, but only Lillian and Valentina, who is Valery's mother, were there. Valentina reminded me a lot of my Grandma Moore. She dug out a whole box full of pictures after I showed her the ones of Kim and kids. Valentina is a new believer as well. She was saved as a result of the group from FBC Heath that came 2 years ago. She was baptized this summer and we got to see pictures of that. That helped me to see that even though we may not see someone get saved while we are here, the work we are doing is still a part of God's process in drawing lives unto Himself!! We will keep praying for those whom we have met. We will go to Gorlovka today and then to the train station tonight for the overnight to Kiev. Our flight leaves Kiev tomorrow at whatever time. Please pray for great timing and connections.


The Ukraine team returns Wednesday night.

Noel Dear