Thursday, September 14, 2006

Secrets to Good Living

A heads up on the new series of messages we will be beginning this Sunday. We will look through Scripture to find "Six Secrets to Good Living." Here is the schedule...
  • The Secret to Beating Temptation (September 17)
  • The Secret to Getting Out of Debt (September 24)
  • The Secret to Knowing You’re Saved (October 1)
  • The Secret to Getting Along with Others (October 8)
  • The Secret to Getting Your Prayers Answered (October 15)
  • The Secret to Surviving a Tragedy (October 22)

This Sunday night we will be in Matthew 25 for Part V of "The Return of Christ."

I hope to see you all Sunday (my Ohio readers, anyway).

Noel Dear

P. S.

Someone emailed and asked why I never put pictures of my family on the blog. Visit my family page done by Donna and Hannah for pictures: .