Friday, September 1, 2006

What's Happening...

A very brief update...

--- Homeschool started back this week. The kids are excited (one of them anyway). We're going to a new homeschool schedule next week that I think will help keep them motivated and the days organized.

--- Sunday morning we wrap up our walk through the book of Nehemiah. If you want to read ahead, read chapter 13. As you read, try answering the question, "Why did they do the obviously wrong things they did?"

--- This Sunday in our morning service, we'll be baptizing four adults who have recently made professions of faith. We've gone four or five weeks without baptizing anyone after baptizing nearly every week for months. It will be good to get back to the baptistry. I'm really looking forward to this Sunday!

--- I'm going to my first Ohio State University football game tomorrow at the SHOE. I'm considering this a scouting trip for the upcoming Auburn/Ohio State national championship game.

For my Ohio readers, I'll see you Sunday!

Noel Dear