Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Dancing With The Stars

The one TV show we let our girls watch each week is "Dancing With The Stars." There cannot be a more boring show in all of the history of television. Actors and singers who can't find a decent job get together and dance classical dances to odd music. I honestly don't know if they do a good job or not. I sit and work on my laptop during the show each week. I just finished typing up Hannah's math seatwork for tomorrow. I thought I would post to my blog and then read some internet news. I live an exciting life!

What has been going on...

We had good services Sunday. Two adults made professions of faith in our morning service. I'm told that the youth had a very good worship service Sunday evening.

I met with the AWANA leaders this past Sunday evening. I am so impressed with that ministry and the leaders God has given us. We are reaching a number of families we would not be able to reach in any other way. I hope you pray often for that ministry.

The first administrative meeting for this season of Upward Basketball took place last night. I'm told everything is coming together. The growth of that ministry is so encouraging. The leaders are searching for two more practice facilities just to accomodate all of the teams.

The senior adults got off to Lancaster, PA this morning for their trip. (It was in Lancaster that the Amish children were killed yesterday in the school shootings.) Be in prayer for their safe return.

It was good to have our Ukraine mission team back in service Sunday. The Kenya team returns tomorrow.

It seems like it is 90 degrees in my house. Am I still living in Ohio. I was wearing a coat two weeks ago. What is the meaning of this?

Dancing with the Stars is still on. Some couple is getting a bad review for their dance. I'm hoping they get frustrated and just cancel the show. Why isn't there college football on Tuesday evenings?

This Sunday morning we will be continuing our series of messages on 'The Secrets to Good Living.' Our SECRET this week will be 'How to Get Along with Others' from Ephesians 4:29-33. (I may be wrong about the end verse, I don't remember.)

This Sunday evening our mission teams will be sharing about their trips.

Well, I better get back to the tv show. They are dancing the waltz.

Noel Dear