Saturday, October 21, 2006

Better Than I Deserve

Dave Ramsey, a national radio show host, has a line he uses to answer the question, "How are you doing?"... His standard reply... "Better than I deserve!"

I've been doing a lot of griping to my friends and family these past couple of weeks, but God has helped me see things in perspective this morning. Life is good!

I'm home alone; Donna has gone to pick up the kids. They stayed with some friends last night so that Donna and I could go on a date. The date was paid for by my bank. It seems that they didn't think things through when they developed their rewards point system for their atm & credit cards. I thought I had lost a card a few weeks ago. The bank immediately re-issued cards; I called to tell them I had found my card, and for some reason they then re-issued cards again. Then they gave me 5,000 rewards points for each of those new cards for each time they issued them. WOW! I may start losing a card once a month :). So thank you to National City Bank, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, and my wonderful wife for a great night last night.

My girls just got home. Emily made me a camelion out of yellow and red clay. They are wanting me to carry them to pick apples at an orchard nearby.

As I said, "better than I deserve."

College Gameday is on television. They just predicted that Tennessee will beat Alabama! (I am winning the Yahoo college football pick'um contest with the guys at church. Not to rub it in or anything...)

Donna is making me a cheesecake.

My sermons are done for Sunday.

It looks like we're going to have at least one more Saturday where it is warm enough to spend time outside.

The grass doesn't need cutting.


Nothing seperates me from the love of God!

Better than I deserve... Noel Dear