Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming!

It has not been the best of weeks. Nothing is wrong, it has just been a very long week. I had to make three gut wrenching decisons and then I had to have a medical scope fed through my mouth into my gut. Not that the events were in any way connected, but my gut is sore.

I guess that sounds crass. Sorry.

But as the old sermon goes... It's Friday; but Sunday's Coming!

I'm looking forward to Sunday. Sunday morning I am preaching on the "Secret To Getting Your Prayers Answered" from James 5. I am looking forward to preaching this sermon because I've seen it play out in my life these past five days. When we know the secret to getting our prayers answered and then pray, God responds. Isn't it great that we serve such a powerful and caring God.

Noel Dear