Sunday, April 16, 2006

Resurrection Day

What a good day we have had! It was exciting to see so many people coming together to worship God. In fact, I'm told our attendance was a record for our church. We had 919 in worship on campus! Pastor Jeff told me we had 141 in worship at New Life, our mission church. That is a total of 1,060 worshippers!

We had at least two people make professions of faith in the FBC services and at least one in the New Life service!

Many people who haven't been in worship in a long time said they would be back next week. Let us pray that they will follow through with their commitments.

Have a great week!

Pastor Noel Dear

P.S. This coming Sunday (4/23), I will make a big announcement! Stay tuned this week for hints as to what it may be.