Monday, April 24, 2006

Big Announcement

I can't sleep so I thought I would do a quick update on the blog about yesterday's services.

It was great to see our families back from working the winter for the Wycliffe Bible Translators in Orlando. I can't wait to hear their stories!

Sam told me we had more children in Praise Kids (our worship service for children) than we had on Easter Day. That is good news. The regular worship crowd looked good too. Several visitors came out for the kick off of our series of messages dealing with the Da Vinci Code. I look forward to seeing how God will use that in the weeks to come.

We had our "Big Announcement" yesterday. For those who weren't in the service, we passed the milestone of collecting $100,000.00 in our New Beginnings campaign. That is pretty good considering we were on week 23 of 52. Thank you again for your faithfulness, and thank God for His graciousness! Hopefully we are just a couple weeks away from sharing with the church that we've signed a contract for drainage and parking lot repairs. Pray for those details as they come together.

I really enjoyed hearing from our Katrina Relief Mission Team last night. I think they got the whole church more fired up about missions...

Business meeting... I never look forward to business meetings, but what can you do? Last night we had our third consequitive business meeting that lasted less than five minutes! In that time, we formally approved 43 new church members for the quarter. That was exciting! Maybe I can learn to like business meetings...

Back to bed.

Pastor Noel Dear