Monday, April 3, 2006

Make A Difference In Two Minutes

What if you could really make a difference in two minutes? It might be the best two minutes of your day. Interested? Here it goes...

Stop what you're doing right now and pray for the things on this list. God will honor your prayers in two ways. First, your prayers will change things on this end! Secondly, every time we pray, our prayer strengthens the fellowship and the closeness we have with our Lord. So give it two minutes... really...

  • Pray for the safety and the fruitfulness of our missions team in Mississippi today working on Katrina Relief.
  • Pray for our church as we make final preparations for Easter this week.
  • Pray for our choir, drama team, banner team, and production team as they prepare for Saturday night's Easter Musical.
  • Pray for the music pastor search team as we meet today for the first time.
  • Pray for yourself; pray that you will bring honor to God by the things you do and say today.

Pastor Noel Dear