Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cubbies' Awards Night

Last night, I shortened my Bible Study a bit and slipped out for the Cubbies Awards Night in Harman Hall. 'Cubbies' are those who are not quite old enough to be in the regular AWANA ministry. We had about 30 kids ages 3-5 receive awards last night. Sherry Carter is their leader and has done a great job with this ministry.

It was fun to see the parents (I was one of them) smile as their child walked up to receive his or her award and then dash out into the audience to show mom and dad!

Next Wednesday will be AWANA awards night. That will be something worth looking forward to. Cheryl Wyrick who is our AWANA commander (we have a lot of Sheryl's, Cheryl's, Sherry's, Sherri's, and Sheri's around here) will be leading that service.

Pastor Noel Dear