Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Upward Basketball

Something I'm praying about this morning...


That is something that doesn't often make it to my prayer list, but this week is the exception. Saturday will be the first day of Upward Basketball games. For the next eight Saturdays we will have hundreds of people come to our Family Life Center to watch basketball games. My prayer is that our church can show these people the love of Christ. My prayer is that somehow, while they are here to see a basketball game, we can be an encouragement to them in some meaningful way.

I am specially praying that we will have the opportunity over the next eight weeks to invite all of them to the new worship service we are adding in March.

Pray for the games... the kids... the coaches and refs... pray for the parents and families that come to watch... and pray that our church can be a real blessing to them such that we can make an impact in their lives.

Pastor Noel