Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Old Fashioned Enough To Pray

Do you think it really helps to pray for success as we begin new projects, new ministries, and even new days? For many people, I think that kind of prayer just seems like an old fashioned, childish, waste of time and energy. In fact, I sometimes hear and read of pastors who will poke fun at such a simplistic approach to life and prayer.

Well, I was reminded of the importance of that kind of prayer in my quiet time this morning. Donna decided a few days ago that she would like to read through the Bible in a year in her quiet times, so I decided to do it with her. We went out and bought a 'One Year Chronological Bible', and have been trying to catch up to the right date ever since. This morning I was reading in Genesis 24 where Abraham's servant has gone on a mission to find a wife for Isaac. Read what the servant says as he relays the story to Rebekah's family...

Genesis 24:42 NLT "So this afternoon when I came to the spring I prayed this prayer: 'O LORD, the God of my master, Abraham, if you are planning to make my mission a success, please guide me in a special way.

In the next few verses, the servant details the event and how God answered the prayer.

So what am I doing this morning? I am asking the Lord for success in the things I hope to do this day and this week.

Pastor Noel