Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Very Pleasant & Loud Racket

When I study, I like things quiet, very quiet. The window in my study opens up to a small enclosed courtyard, so no traffic noise... We've replaced the two doors in my study that go back into the office area, with sound dampening doors to keep out noise from that direction... I sometimes even turn on 'pink noise' in my office to drown out any other distractions.

This morning, none of that is helping. It is loud; it is distracting; it is irritating; it is WONDERFUL! How could that be? I am hearing the sounds of concrete saws and tractors tearing out our current parking lot and digging ditches for more drainage lines in preparation for our new parking lot which will be going down next week.

We have looked forward to this for so long. People have given so faithfully and generously. The work is finally being done!

Pray and thank God for how far He has brought us. And while you are praying, ask for a little divine help. Next week we have several big events, not the least of which is Meals-Made-With-Love, a wedding with an expected guest count of five hundred plus, and of course, church services. On top of that, the weather man says it will rain every day. Pray that we will be able to dodge around the weather and the events and not have any major problems. The critical time (when the asphalt meets the road) will be Monday through Wednesday of next week.

We may have to cancel an event or two. Watch the web page for updates.

Pastor Noel