Monday, May 22, 2006

Catch Up Blog

The Blogs have been slow in coming the last several days. Maybe this week will be a little better.

My new most embarrassing moment: Yesterday morning's sermon... Point 3, Sub point 4, Illustration 1.

If you weren't there... well, you should have been. See what you miss.

We baptized again yesterday. Good service. Good response.

Today is the annual Heartbeats golf tournament at the Country Club. That is a very worthwhile organization. I am looking forward to being able to support them today. And it has nothing to do with it being a guilt-free day on the golf course... :)

The major part of the parking lot reconstruction should take place this week. Therefore the office may be closed a couple days. There will be no Wednesday services.

Global Focus is just around the corner!

Enough rambling for today.

Pastor Noel

P.S. Be praying for Bo Bogardus (is that really his name?) today. He is having some critical medical tests done.