Monday, May 8, 2006

Sunday Replay

Yesterday started off well. We had over fifty people attend the prayer wall breakfast. Several people shared testimonies of how much the prayer ministry has meant to them both from the side of those doing the praying and those being prayed for. As I sat to the side and watched and listened, God reminded me of the warm fellowship He has given us here, and He reminded me of the unlimited potential there is when so many people are praying.

Thanks to Pastor Wally for his leadership in the prayer ministry. We wouldn't have a prayer ministry if he didn't have such a heart for it. He has done a good job of organization and motivation to get us where we are today in this ministry.

Good worship services yesterday. We saw someone make a profession of faith following the morning service.

I took a stroll through the parking lots around 10:30 yesterday morning. I wanted to see how we were doing parking wise. We were nearly out of spaces then. In the next couple of weeks, construction crews will tear up our parking lots; install new drainage pipes; resurface the parking areas; and re-stripe. At that time, we will stripe off the parking lot behind the gym. I know it is a long hike, but we need many of you to begin to park there. More on that later.

We had fun at Baccalaureate Services yesterday. I had a chance to meet Ellis Booth, the assistant principal of Heath High School, and several of the parents. Thanks a million to our praise team. They did an excellent job kicking off the service. We hope to be able to host this event on an annual basis.

Busy week as usual around here. We covet your prayers.

Pastor Noel