Saturday, January 1, 2011

Essential 100 Bible Challenge

Tomorrow (1.2.2011), we will introduce our church to the Essential 100 Day Challenge. If you haven't heard the message, you can do so online. We will post it to our website and to iTunes on Monday. We will post a link to it here when available.

Here is the FAQ that will help you get started...

Essential 100 Day Challenge FAQ

When will the Essential 100 Day Challenge Begin?

  • Wednesday (1.5.2011) -- Why Wednesday? We want you to have a couple days to invite your friends to join you in this life changing challenge.

How to Be A Part of the Essential 100 Day Challenge?

  • · Complete an E100 Commitment Card or if you are reading this online, send us a quick email with your name and address to
  • · Make sure you have an E100 Scripture List. Lists are available at church or by requesting one at the email address:

How can I interact with others who are doing the E100 Challenge?

  • · Visit our Facebook Event Page to share your insights and be encouraged by others who have joined you in this challenge. You can reach the link from the church website ( or the pastor's blog (

Can I do this online or with my mobile device?

  • · Yes. Go to the YouVersion Website or access your YouVersion App and search for the "Essential 100" reading plan.

How can I encourage others to be a part of this?

  • · Invite your Facebook friends by going to the Event Page and clicking 'Invite'.
  • · Call friends and family and ask them if they would do this with you for the next 100 days.

Is there a resource to help me understand what I am reading?

  • · Yes. The book is titled, "The Essential Bible Guide: 100 Readings Through The World's Most Important Book" by Whitney Kuniholm. This book is not required, but it does give helpful insights into each day's reading.
  • · The book is available at the church for $10.00 (cash, check, credit card).
  • · The book is also available at Amazon ($10.96).
  • · The book is also available on the Kindle ($9.29) and Nook ($9.99) electronic platforms.

Pastor Noel