Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Essential 100 Bible Challenge Begins In 24 Hours!

We all begin tomorrow morning. Here are some questions to answer to know if you are ready...
  • Do you have a list of verses to read each day? We will post them on the Facebook Event Page each night for the next day, but you can also email us at for the entire verse list or stop by the church for paper copies and bookmarks we've made with all... of the assignments listed.
  • Have you invited all of your friends and family? What better way to encourage those around you in their walk with the Lord!
  • Do you have an easy to read Bible? I, pastor Noel, and going to do my reading from an NLT Bible. Any translation will work as long as you have one you can easily understand.
  • Do you want the accompanying devotional book? It isn't necessary but might help you better understand what you are reading. We have them here at the church if you can come by. Read the blog post below for more info about the books.

Pastor Noel