Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Easter Preparation - Wednesday

Yesterday I said that between the triumphal entry and the crucifixion that Jesus did at least one miracle and gave several teachings. We looked at the miracle yesterday. Today, let us focus on the teachings.

This is a lot to read, but let's read all of His teachings that occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday as they are recorded in the book of Mark.

Read Mark 11:20 - 13:37.

Now re-read the parable that Jesus gives in Mark 12:1-12.

This is an unusual parable, one that people don't preach and teach on very much. The purpose of this parable is to show us something about the nature and character of God. When we see that in this teaching it gives us a deeper understanding and appreciation of the crucifixion and the resurrection.

This exercise will require some extra focus, but go through the parable one verse at a time and jot down what we can learn about our Heavenly Father and His character and nature. (I will include my list as a comment to this blog. You will get more out of this if you do yours before you read mine.)

After you have made your list, use that as a guide to praise, thank, and honor God in your prayer today. Use my list along with yours if that will help.

Pastor Noel