Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Easter Preparation - Thursday

Thursday is the day of the Easter week that we traditionally focus on the Lord's Supper and the events of the Garden of Gethsemane. This was a very important day in Jesus' life.

First read the account of part of the day in Luke 22:1-53.

That is a lot to happen in one day, and we didn't even read about six trials that started that night and carried through to the next morning.

Let us put our focus on what happened at the Garden of Gethsemane. Re-read Luke 22:39-46. Now turn to Matthew and slowly read 26:36-46.

Going back through the account we read in Matthew, let's spend some time thinking and praying through the parts of the event. Let us carefully answer some questions. Let this become a conversation and pray between you and the Lord...
  • (26:36) These are the last hours before Jesus is arrested and crucified. He decides to spend them in prayer. Why do you think He did that? How would you choose to spend your last hours? How do you prepare for a difficult or dreaded event? Do you prepare with prayer? What did you do the last time you new you were about to face a very difficult time?
  • (26:37) Who would you choose to come pray with you if you faced such a difficult time? Do you have regular prayer partners? Are there people you feel comfortable asking to really pray for you? When was the last time you asked someone to pray for a personal situation? Have you thanked those people? Have you thanked God for those prayer partners?
  • (26:38) What do you think made Him so sorrowful that He almost died? Was it a thought about the physical punishment he would take in the next 24 hours? Or do you think it was a thought about the sin for which he would bear the reproach? Many scholars believe that it was at that time that the Father showed Him a glimpse, a reminder, of the sin He would be dying for. Do we have that same kind of hatred for sin? Are there some sins we like? Think about your present sins in the light of the price Jesus had to pay for their forgiveness...
  • (26:39) What was Jesus saying to the Father? Did Jesus want to die? Was this going to be easy? Jesus was committed to doing whatever was necessary for our salvation. That is why He said, "Not as my will, but your will." Have you thanked and honored Jesus for His willingness and His sacrifice? Jesus ultimately decided that you and I were worth dying for. Now we must decide if He is worth living for. Have you made that decision? How does it show in your life?
  • (26:40) How faithful are you in praying?
  • (26:41) According to the words of Christ in this verse, what is the key to not falling into temptation?
  • (26:46) Jesus woke the disciples up and said, it is time. Pray that the next four days that God will keep your focus on the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ...

Pastor Noel