Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wildlife Supper

Our men did a very good job on tonight's Wildlife Supper. Good food. Good crowd. Good program.

Buddy Davis from Answers In Genesis shared about his recent trip to Alaska in search of unfossilized dinosaur bones. It was very interesting and informative.

I'm looking forward to worship tomorrow. I'll be beginning a new morning worship series. For the next three weeks, we will take a look at Easter through the eyes of Peter. Peter had three key encounters with Jesus during the time leading up to the crucifixion and immediately following the resurrection. We will look at one of these each week. Tomorrow we will be in John 13. We are going to look at the time when Jesus washed the disciples' feet, but we're not going to look at it in the way you would expect. I hope we will learn something new tomorrow that will have an impact on people's lives.

Pastor Noel