Sunday, March 18, 2007

Time to Blog

I took a prospect family out to dinner tonight and even they poked fun at me for having a blog I never update... So I'll try to do better :)

Pastor Wally preached for me tonight. He preached the best message I've heard him preach. It was timely and convicting!

Tomorrow we find out if the second offer we've made on a house we want to buy will be accepted. I fear it will not. We are praying that everything will fall into place if this is God's plan.

This week is Global Focus week around the office. I hope to get all of the Global Focus stuff settled and decided. I could really use some prayers as we try to wrap up these preparations.

I went over to listen to the youth praise band do a song tonight. They did a very good job. I've asked Troy to preach one Sunday night in the next few weeks. When he does, we'll have the youth praise band play. Everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

This morning in worship service I interviewed one of the young men in the church (Jason Roundtree). Jason did a great job and had a big impact in several people's lives. If I wouldn't have called him by his wife's name (Jami) at the beginning of the interview, it would have been perfect :)

I've had way too many nights away from home. Tomorrow night, NOTHING IS GOING ON! I'm very excited. If the weather is good, I may grill some steaks. Y'all come!

This morning one of the projectors kept blinking once a second while we showed a DVD background to a praise and worship song. I had it working early this morning. This is the second or third time this has happened. There is a $50 reward for anyone who can fix it.

Enough randomness for one blog entry...

Pastor Noel