Monday, March 19, 2007

March Madness

March Madness has begun. No not the NCAA Basketball Tourney... I'm talking about 'Dancing with the Stars.'

This is the girls' favorite show so we all watch it as a family, or I should say, the three of them watch it and I work on the computer. (Thank God for laptops!)

Today was a pretty good day. Troy came by the church today to tell me about another teen who made a profession of faith last night after church. I won't steal her thunder by telling you who it is now, but I think she will make it public this Sunday. A few weeks ago, we spent a Sunday morning going over the theology of baptism. Since then, many peole have been taking a close look at whether their baptism was 'in order.' Pastor Wally shared with me today that he had someone else speak with him about wanting to be baptized last night. It has been an encouraging day.

During the last commercial break in 'Dancing with the used-to-be Stars,' they said that Coke has changed its formula for religious reasons. I'm not sure what they've done or why, but I think there is a sermon in that.

I may have some very good news to share with the church Sunday...

By the way, no word on the house. We thought we would hear today if they accepted our offer but we didn't. Maybe tomorrow.


Pastor Noel