Tuesday, November 7, 2006

It's A Bad Night

I'm going to try to be diplomatic and not draw any critical emails. Well, maybe that's not true.

It's a bad night...

It's a bad night if you believe that life is valuable. It's a bad night if you believe that children shouldn't be killed regardless of their age. It's a bad night if you believe that it might be wrong to partially deliver a baby and then kill it. It's a bad night if you believe every life is created in the image of God. It's a really bad night if you happen to be an unborn baby who doesn't want to die a violent death before you draw your first breath.

Why is it such a bad night? Because my fellow Ohioans have just elected a man for U.S. Senate, Sherrod Brown, who publically and proudly stands for legalized abortion, partial birth abortion, and for choosing judges who think it is wrong to allow the American people to decide these issues in a democratic or representative fashion.

(And I'm not even going to comment on his support of same sex marriage.)

I have heard all of the arguments about how this is better for our economy, for jobs in Ohio, for education, for health care, for seniors. Those issues are debatable, but one thing is not: If you abort a child, the child is dead. He doesn't need a job. She doesn't need healthcare. The economy is a non factor. Sure, I would like more money, cheaper healthcare, and a stronger economy, but I would trade all of those to save the life of an unborn child. I may be selfish, but I'm not that selfish.

So it is just a bad night. Don't try to cheer me up, it won't work.

To the critics who will want to email me... don't. As a non-aborted, living, American, I am allowed to have my opinions and to express them. When something is wrong, I can say so. I haven't endorsed a candidate for any race, but I have stood on certain moral, ethical, and biblical issues that supercede geography, time, and political perspectives, and I have done so proudly. It is too late to abort me. Sorry you missed the chance. So for long as I live I will not back down from expressing my belief that all life is valuable.