Wednesday, November 8, 2006

A Few More Comments...

I figure, after last night's blog (you should read the previous blog first), I might as well speak my mind today...

O.K. So Ohio has pretty much banned all smoking in public. I am not opposed to that, and I did vote in favor of the law that was approved. But I think the euphoria of some over that 'victory' perfectly illustrates the assinine logic and/or selfishness of many of my fellow Christian voters.

Here is what the smoking ban gives us according to the ads we've seen on television...

1. Healthier environments (for those who survive the womb).
2. Safer public spaces for our children (at least the ones who weren't aborted).
3. Better prenatal health (so people can abort healthier babies).

My point is... People didn't vote to ban smoking because they gave one rip about the health of children and pregnant women. They voted to ban smoking because they don't like to be bothered by the smell.

Well, me neither. I'm just sorry that abortions don't stink.

Let's be truthful... because abortion, which I am told is almost always detrimental to the health of the aborted child, doesn't affect us personally or financially or nasally, we don't care. It's all about us. It's all about what we want. Let us stop trying to fool ourselves into thinking we care about the health of children.