Monday, July 10, 2006

Good Sunday -- Busy Week

Didn't we have a good day Sunday. Sweet spirit in both services. It was good to see so many people responding Sunday morning, both in the altar and in their seats. We had a great time observing the Lord's Supper last night. Other than me getting carried away with my ten minute message that went forty, I felt like it was a very God-honoring service. I love to watch families serving each other the Lord's Supper.

Remember to pray for Pastor Wally as he is on vacation this week. Pray for all of the missionaries from our church... Tyler & Caleb Sims in Costa Rica; Mike Parry leaving for Tennessee this morning; the Pierponts surrendering to full time missions starting in just a few days; and those preparing to head to the Ukraine in the next few weeks. Pray for our mission church in Thornville. They have two mission teams with them this week, one from close to where I used to live in Alabama. Pray for Pastor Jeff as he gives them leadership.

We have something very exciting planned this Sunday morning. I'll give more details as the week progresses.

On a personal note. Remember my girls, Hannah and Emily, they are with their Grandmother in Alabama. I miss them, but in some ways, it sure is nice having a little bit of a break. Saturday, Donna and I went bike riding on some of the trails in and around Granville. We do this often, but with the kids I have to stop every 200 feet to help them with something and I usually end up tying a rope to Emily's bike and pulling her the last two or three miles. It's much easier with Donna. She is off the training wheels now, and I only had to pull her the last couple hundred yards.

Today is root canal day! Trade places with me?

Pastor Noel