Friday, June 30, 2006

Looking Forward to Sunday

Blogging just hasn't fit into the schedule this week. Things have been pretty busy. We've had a ton of people in and out of the hospital including some pretty major stuff. (It is amazing how these things seem to go in spurts.) Everyone seems to be doing fairly well now. Pastor Wally and I are about to head to Columbus for a surgery this morning, but it is expected to go well too.

I'm looking forward to Sunday. In the morning I will be preaching from Acts 17:11 a message titled, "How To Receive The Word of God." Sunday evening, I will be preaching from Ruth 1.

I know the city's big patriotic celebration happens Sunday evening, but I've got a plan. Come to church for the six o'clock service, then around seven, we can all just walk together from the church over to the celebration and get there just in time for the kids to play, the adults to have a pop and a coney or maybe a brat (for my southern readers, email me and I'll explain what those are), then we can watch the fireworks show from the field behind the church...

If you have password access to the prayer wall, keep a check on it through the day for medical updates on members having surgery.

Pastor Noel