Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some Of The Reasons I'm Excited About Today

Here are some of the reasons I am excited about today...

***Worship this morning. We get to exalt our Lord.

***We will hear a testimony this morning of a family in our church who chose the path of faithfulness and discovered the blessings of the Lord.

***New message series starts today: How Smart Are You?

***Tonight for the first time, the junior high youth group will be leading the service. The junior high youth band has been practicing for this for weeks. It will be a great night.

***Tonight, following the service is the official meet and greet for the Pletcher's and their three new adopted children from the Ukraine.

***I have a leadership meeting today for final approval of the drawings and budget for the construction of our new preschool facility. Groundbreaking will be next week.

***I have a deacon's meeting today where we will be discussing a new Sunday night series that will begin on March 13 and culminate on March 27 with a very special evening for our church.

***I have a worship pastor search team meeting today where we will be praying about a very serious candidate for church.

That is just a start. I haven't spoken with Pastor Wally, but we probably have baptisms this morning... We will be promoting our New Member class today which already had a ton of people signed up... The preschoolers are working on something special that the church will see next week...

Don't miss this morning!

Pastor Noel