Thursday, November 18, 2010

Working With The Schools

One of the things you will be hearing much about in the months to come is how we are committed to trying to be a blessing to the three public elementary schools within one mile of our church. We are looking for ways to encourage the schools, the teachers and administrators, the children and their parents. There are going to be many ways you can partner with the church to help with this outreach in the days to come. More to come...

One thing we were able to be a part of was hosting the Veterans Day celebration done by Cherry Valley Elementary last week. Here is a letter I received from one of their teachers...

Hi Pastor Dear!

I just had to say THANK YOU!!!!! The bagged lunches and "thank you" cards just "made the day" for all the teachers at school!!! They are just all walking around in AWE! What a precious testimony! I have been walking around the school saying, "That is MY church!" :) I am so proud and thankful to be a member of such a kind and thoughtful church!

Thank you and everyone else involved!!!

In Him, Susan Brown


Cherry Valley contacted us this week to say they would like to do a food drive to help our food pantry feed families going through difficulties. Wow. What a great gesture.

Last week, Garfield Elementary school donated a truck full of food for our food pantry that came from the hard work of the students and parents there. We are so thankful for these schools and we look forward to partnering with them in any way we can.

Pastor Noel