Sunday, November 2, 2008

Prayer Breakfast

A couple times each year we have an early Sunday morning prayer breakfast at church. Today was one of those times... but today was different than most.

Today the focus was not on huddling together to pray or encouraging each other to continue to pray, as good and important as those two things are. Today the focus was on praising God for answered prayer.

We had a little over fifty of our church leaders and prayer warriors come together to hear from some of those we have been praying for over the course of years. One lady who has been on our prayer list for at least two years who lives in northern Pennsylvania and is fighting cancer, spoke to the group. She and her husband drove three and a half hours to come share with us how much the prayers have meant to her. She brought a handful of letters she had received from those on our intercessory prayer team, and said that represented only a fraction of the letters our church people had sent. She praised God for how He had helped her through this struggle and thanked the church for their commitment to pray for someone they didn't even know.

Others shared similar stories.

I wasn't able to attend the whole breakfast and share time, but for time I was present it sure was encouraging to hear and be reminded how significant and effect prayer is.

Pastor Noel