Monday, October 20, 2008


We had a good day Sunday... baptisms, new members, decisions, good crowd, good worship, great 'Chili Cook-Off' after the evening service...

A big thanks to Andrew Hottinger! Andrew is a young man in our church who recently accepted the call into ministry. Pastor Shawn was down in Tennessee leading in a revival, so Andrew filled in and did a great job.

This coming Sunday morning, we will continue to look at the practical applications of the Priesthood of Christ in our series we've called, "It's All About Who You Know." We've had many comments on this series so far. If you would like to really study this subject for yourself, read through the first ten chapters of Hebrews focusing primarily on Hebrews 5-10.

This Sunday evening, we will have a new format for our worship service. I'm looking forward to our different approach. I'll try to blog again later this week with an update of exactly what it will look like.

Pastor Noel