Monday, October 27, 2008

Evening Worship

Thanks for all the new faces that came out our first Soma-Kristou worship service. I felt like we had a great spirit in the service. Good comments about the way we began and the question we focused on... The ending was great. It seemed like there were a hundred people on their knees gathered around the altar, some praying alone, some huddled with friends or family, all pleasing God with their devotion. I think some bowls were filled last night :).

This coming Sunday we will continue to focus on Romans 3-5 and the Calculus of Salvation. If you have a suggestion for our starting question, put your question in the submission box at the greeter station in the main worship foyer sometime between now and Sunday afternoon.

Pastor Noel

P.S. Could it really snow tonight? It is October! I guess I'm still not used to living in Ohio.