Saturday, January 13, 2007

What's Up

  • Upward Basketball is going great. We just finished week two of games. This year we have between 550 and 600 kids playing or cheerleading. Come out and watch a game next Friday evening or Saturday. It will be a real treat.
  • Music Pastor search is progressing. The search team met with someone last week. We are in the 'intense prayer' part of the process. Join us by praying often for this need in our church.
  • Our Global Focus conference is getting closer. We'll be talking more and more about this as a church. This is going to be a big step for our church. We will never be the same again after this kick-off!
  • The push for additional AWANA workers worked well last week. We could still use more people, even if all you do is come and listen to kids say Bible verses it would be a big help (and it is a lot of fun).
  • Great response to the "Facing the Giants" movie we showed on New Year's Eve. We will probably show it again due to so many requests. If you would like to see it again and have another chance to invite friends and family, let me know.
  • Pastor Jeff and I are trying to get to Baltimore in the next week or two. Baltimore is going to be a stategic focus city in 2008. We are hoping that we may have an opportunity as a church to help them start new churches in that city. Pray that God will give us direction in this decision.
  • Everyone in the family if finally well. Finally!!!
  • I was sad that OSU didn't win the National Title but at least a team that had lost to Auburn did. That is like half way winning the title.