Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Prayer For My Daughter

Today is my oldest daughter's first day of school! I know that sounds odd if you know my family. My oldest daughter is 15 and she's been doing school for a long time. But today she goes to our local public school to take an AP English class.  We homeschool and this isn't the beginning of a change on that front, but we feel like this is a step we need to take to fill a gap in her educational experience.

So 15 or not, we are going through at least some of the normal first-day-of-school anxieties. Hannah is on the high school tennis team, so she is friends with some of the girls in her class, and she has spent much time on the school campus, but somehow today is a little different.

Making things harder, I'm out of town for the day! I so hate to miss this milestone in Hannah's life. but I'm praying for her. In fact, I wrote out my prayer this morning so I could email it to her before she left. After writing it, I thought it might be something that would encourage others if shared.  So here it goes...

Heavenly Father,

You have put great dreams and aspirations in the heart of my oldest daughter. I thank you for that. I don't yet know what course her life will take, but I love the brave spirit you have given her. She desires to do things of which others never dream. She stretches further than many others stretch. And I believe she will accomplish things others never could.

So that brings us to this big day, her sort-of first day of school. I know this will not be a big deal in the minds of many since she is 15 years old, but I know this day represents so much. It represents her first step into a different life. It represents her first steps into her preparation for an uncertain but exciting future.

So, Father, I ask you to give her your presence. With all of the fears and anxieties that accompany this day, I pray that your presence will also be felt.

I ask that you give her wisdom.  Hannah will face some significant hurdles. Some will be intellectual; some will be moral; some will be spiritual. Give her the heavenly resources to make wise, godly and effective decisions and choices.

I ask that you give her influence. Give her influence with her teacher and with the other students so she can be a leader, so she can be a light for your kingdom, so she can be the fragrance of Christ.

I ask that you give her peace. Calm her nerves. Remind her you have prepared her for this new day. Remind her that with your help she can do (and endure) all things.
I ask that you protect her. Protect her gentle spirit. Protect her dreams. Protect her modesty. Protect her heart and mind in a world where people often operate from a very different worldview than hers.

Finally, I ask that you give her the story of David who defeated the impossible giant Goliath. This will be an academic challenge like Hannah has never faced. This will be a cultural and learning-style challenge like she has never faced. This is her first Goliath. Please let Hannah stand as victor over this giant just like you allowed David to stand victor over Goliath by your amazing power!