Monday, April 9, 2012

Illuminating The Darkness -- A Fresh and Effective Solution to Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

One of the most common struggles that lead people to ask pastors for help is depression.  It seems depression and the related problems of stress and anxiety have reached epidemic levels in our culture.  When people come to me as a pastor and share their stories of emotional pain, the question they are asking is this, “Does the Bible offer any real hope?”

Over the past years I have studied the Scriptures in search of the answer to that question.  The good news is… THERE IS HOPE!  The Bible gives a clear, positive, life-changing answer to this pain.  The answer is probably not what you expect. The answer is probably not something you’ve heard before.  And the answer is probably not anything like the strategies you may have tried in the past.  But the answer is true, and it is good, and it is effective.

I have shared this with many people through the years, and I have seen the truth of God’s Word do amazing things in their lives as they discovered the joy that replaces depression and the peace that replaces stress.  So, I decided to write these biblical insights down and publish a book.  That is how Illuminating The Darkness came to be.

The book came out about a month ago and I’ve been busy sending it out to family and friends.  Already I have been encouraged with how the Lord is using it both in the lives of those who have struggled with depression, stress, and anxiety and also those who just desire to know more of the Lord’s peace and joy.  So it is time to start getting the word out.  Unless you are local to where I live, the best way to purchase the book is through

Amazon is currently running my book as a part of a promotion they are doing, so the print edition is 10% off.  (I don’t know how long they will run this special.)  I have lowered the Kindle price to $4.99 for one week. (And if you are an Amazon Prime member you can get the Kindle edition for free.)

Soon I will release some blog posts that dig a little deeper into the contents of the book.  If you would like to follow the details you can follow me on twitter at @NoelDear or @KnowDepression.  I will be posting info here at and also at a new site I am developing  The book website is  You can also check out the facebook discussion site for the book.

Email me at with any questions related to the book or depression, stress, and anxiety.

Noel Dear


P.S.  Here is the back cover text of the book…

Are You Ready For A Change?

Every day there are new approaches and drugs to help people overcome the emotional pain of depression, stress, and anxiety. More people are being treated for these than ever before. So, one would presume emotional health and happiness would be at an all-time high. But you know that isn’t the case, not even close. In fact, the only thing that seems to be gaining prevalence faster than antidepressants is
depression itself!

Is there a way of escape? Is there a different approach from the failed strategies most often presented in self-help books and the doctor’s office? Is there hope for me? Can I live a life of real peace and joy?

Yes. Lasting joy and peace can be yours! 

This is no idle promise from some new-fangled philosophy or rediscovered ancient herb.  This truth has the authority of the Bible, the simplicity of fruit on a vine, and the track-record of many generations who have discovered the real source of mental and emotional health.

This is not another strategy to try, rather it is the genuine truth about why people suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety, and how those pains can be replaced with joy, peace, and patience.

The truths presented here are…

  • Easy to understand
  • Practical in their everyday application
  • Powerfully effective in both the short and long term 
  • Proven

This book is both a challenge to everything you have heard about the cause and cure of emotional distress, and a real offer of hope. Learn here what thousands of others have learned and, enjoy an enduring harvest of the fruit of real joy.