Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Securing Future Disciples Update II

Update... More information has come in since yesterday...

Here are the latest Securing Future Disciples numbers: (This is going to be reason to cheer!)

  • $181,094 -- Total of One Year Pledges & Initial Offering
  • $ 14,000 -- Total Savings from Not Borrowing the Needed Funds
  • $195,094 -- Total Available (Assuming 100% of Pledges are Given)
When the savings are included this puts us at 102.7% of our high goal! Even better news is this... After only four weeks, we have collected $95,406.13! That is 52.7% of our new one year pledge total.

We are still praying for a few more commitments to be made and of course for the faithfulness of those who have made commitments, but it is apparent that the Lord has certainly blessed us in this endeavor!

Take a few minutes and thank the Lord in prayer for his gracious provision.

Pastor Noel