Monday, March 15, 2010

Securing Future Disciples

So the question everyone has been asking me today... "How did we do in our Securing Future Disciples campaign?"

In case you did not know, yesterday was commitment day for our campaign to rebuild our preschool ministry facilities. Our church families streamed forward and placed their commitments and their offerings on the altar. It was the culmination of many weeks of hard work by dozens of people in our church. It was the culmination of much fasting and praying and seeking the Lord.

So how did we do?

Well... You don't really think I would break an announcement like that on my blog do you?

No. We're still working. A few more commitment cards came in today. That will likely continue this week as people who were out of town yesterday are able to make it by the church office. I'm sure we will receive a few more on Sunday from others who weren't in our service yesterday.

We are working on a tally....

The plan right now is to share the totals on Sunday, March 28 in our 10:45 service.

Can I at least give a hint?

:) -- Just don't miss the 3/28 service!

(and get those cards in if you were out of town... I'm anxious to see the final numbers...)

Pastor Noel