Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Recent Tweets

My blog posts seem to be getting less and less frequent. I have begun using Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch with the online church community more than my blog. Some people don't use those tools and consequently don't see those posts. So I will occasionally just list those in this space in addition to the occasional blog post.

Pastor Noel


Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. Unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it ... will do no good. Ps 127 ~ 5:55 AM Aug 5th

Same Scripture but different emphasis for Sunday message... New title: Final Warning: You Will Be Tested, I Will Help You... Rev 2:8-11 ~ 1:00 PM Aug 4th

Working on our prospect database.... noticed we have five people requesting to be baptized this Sunday.... Wow! ~ 12:50 AM Aug 4th

Good service and fellowship tonight with our team home from Kenya... ~ 8:30 PM Aug 2nd

Looking forward to being back in worship with my faith family... ~ 6:09 PM Aug 1st

Upcoming Message Series... ~ 9:15 AM Jul 31st

My 'son' in Kenya (Noel Junior) sent these keekoy's (sp?) to his 'sisters'... ~ 10:35 PM Jul 30th

I'm home... Long day, but good day... ~ 10:29 PM Jul 30th

About to leave church to make a visit, then go to a meeting, then if time, another visit, then back to study... is vacation really worth it? ~ 4:48 PM Jul 30th

Good news... Revelation 1:3 promises that that Lord will bless the person who reads the book of Revelation... ~ 7:48 AM Jul 30th

An early start... Trying to pack a week's worth of work into two days... ~ 3:42 AM Jul 30th

Just finished the book, Eat This Book, by Eugene Peterson... Didn't agree w/ everything but I learned much... I will read this book again... ~ 1:02 PM Jul 29th

Looking forward to tomorrow, my 14th Wedding Anniversary. My wife is the 2nd biggest blessing in my life and a daily source of joy to me! ~ 11:30 PM Jul 28th

Just finished the book, 'The Purity Principle' by Randy Alcorn... Every married couple should read this book twice a year! ~ 6:31 PM Jul 27th

Preparing a four week series from the second and third chapters of the book of Revelation... I'm looking forward to preaching again... ~ 3:11 PM Jul 27th

Back in the saddle this morning... ~ 6:36 AM Jul 27th

Is praying for a great, God honoring worship service this morning... ~ 5:40 AM Jul 26th

Sitting by the pool working on an outline on my laptop... ~ 1:38 PM Jul 25th