Friday, April 17, 2009

Sunday Preview

I am looking forward to this Sunday. We had such a good day of Worship last week... I'm praying this week will be the same.

I've had a good week of studying for my upcoming messages. In the 10:45 AM and the 6:30 PM services I will be continuing my series on the five most important days in history. We will be looking this week at the resurrection, which is by the way, the most important day.

We will focus on a verse in Philippians...

...that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death... -- Philippians 3:10 NKJ

What is the "Power of the Resurrection"? The answer is exciting! Most people think of the resurrection simply as an historical event that can be believed or disbelieved. I want to show you that the resurrection of the Lord is something that makes a daily difference in life. The resurrection is truly a powerful event, and not in the way you are probably thinking, that should change and impact our lives every day in a couple of ways. Sunday, I will show you a Bible example of how this worked then, give a testimony of how it works today, and show you how to let it work in you.

I am more fired up about this truth than last week's truth as we focused on the crucifixion!


For our 5:00 PM Soma Kristou (family of God) service we will be in 2 Corinthians 1. In verse 3, Paul calls God the Father the God of all comfort. In the next few verses he elaborates on that truth. Many of you will be familiar with those verses, but the question is... what kind of comfort is Paul talking about?

When I think of comfort I usually think of a nice, plush recliner... or I think about a Saturday with nothing that has to be done... or I think about vacation at the beach... Most of us use the word 'comfort' to refer to 'ease'. As it turns out, this is not at all what Paul is talking about here.

Once we learn what biblical 'comfort' really is, we will see a whole new meaning to this familiar passage of Scripture... and encouraging meaning... a 'comforting' meaning...


For the Q&A time in the Soma Kristou service, I am going to address what Dave Wilkerson, a noted Christian leader, said when he recently predicted a terrible, violent calamity in America. It seems like more and more Christian leaders are making these kinds of predictions. What are we to think about this? Is this from the Lord or just an over-reaction to the hard times we are living in? What should be our response to these kinds of 'warnings'?

I'll attempt to give a thoughtful answer to that during our Q&A time on Sunday evening.


Be in prayer for Sunday... pray that lives will be changed... pray that the Lord will be honored...

Pastor Noel