Monday, March 2, 2009

Christianity in Blue Jeans

This coming Sunday, in both our regular Sunday morning worship and in our Sunday Extra Worship we will begin a new series of messages from the book of James...

Christianity in Blue Jeans
Where Real Faith Meets Real Life

The book of James is a
No Nonsense look at what it means to be a Christian.

Too often, in our culture, Christianity has become some mysterious thing that takes place in a person’s heart. We often think of Christianity as a feeling or a philosophy... an experience or an event...

James understood that Christianity is not something that just happens in a person’s head, but also happens in a persons hands... and feet... and lifestyle.

This book has been called...

“The common man’s gospel”
“Rubber meets the Road Religion”
“The gospel in Overalls”

You will be surprised at how simple, straight-forward, and life changing these truths will be. If you listen closely; if you learn the principles of the book of James, you won’t just be smarter, you will be better!

Here are the questions we will learn the answers to as we study through the book...

03.08 How To Have Joy When Life Is Hard – James 1:2-4, 12

03.15 How To Really Live Obediently – James 1:13-25

03.22 How To Understand Why Some People’s Faith Fizzles – James 2:14-26

03.29 How To Make The Most Of Life – James 4:13-17

04.05 How To Pray A Prayer That Changes Things – James 5:13-18

I will be preaching each of these messages in both the 10:45 service and the 6:30 service each Sunday. In the 5:00 service we will be continuing our study of Spiritual Warfare from Ephesians.

Pastor Noel